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1659 Blackmores Kids Multi Chewable Strawberry Vanilla Flavour Tablets x 60

A vitamin and mineral formulation specifically formulated with 18 essential nutrients to support children's healthy growth and development. As children

1194 Centrum Kids Multivitamin Strawberry Flavour Tablets x 60

Developed with 18 essential vitamins and minerals, Centrum Kids is a great tasting strawberry flavoured chewable supplement to help assist in

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6405 Ostelin Kids Vitamin D Strawberry Flavour 20mL

Ostelin Vitamin D Liquid for Kids is suitable as a prevention/treatment for vitamin D deficiency in those at increased risk. At

2810 Pediasure Powder 900g

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2528 Penta-Vite Infant 0-3 years Oral Drops 30mL

Penta-vite Children's Multivitamins contain a special formulation of vitamins and minerals essential for children's healthy growth. Penta-vite may assist where diet

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5107 Penta-vite Multivitamin with Iron Oral Liquid 100ml

Penta-vite Multi-Vitamins with Iron has been specially formulated with a combination of vitamins essentails for children's healthy growth and development. Iron

6045 Prospan Chesty Cough Infant Drops 20mL

Prospan Infant Drops active ingredient 'hedera helix' (ivy leaf extract) is clinically tested* to relieve chesty coughs and mucus congestion. Prospan