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6250 Braun ThermoScan Disposable Lens Filters LF40

Braun ThermoScan® Lens Filters LF40: * 40 lens filters per box * Len filters can be used

5704 Chelsea Medical Drug Test Kit - 10 Drugs

Drugs of abuse test kit - 10 drug testing cup screening for the following substances

  1. Phencycllidine (PCP)
  2. Amphetamine
  3. Methamphetamine

5708 Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

Digital breath Alcohol tester is a portable device and an easy way to check the alcohol level in the body.

1918 Omron Eletronic Nerve Stimulator Device HV-F128 For TENS Therapy

The HV-F128 has the ablilty to soothe, relieve and massage different areas of

5516 Omron HBF202 Body Analyser Scale

Omron Body Analyser Scale HBF202

The Omron HBF202 Body Analyser Scale is perfect for those people who want to measure their

1917 Omron TENS Device HV-F127

The Omron HV-F127 TENS machine is a small, powerful TENS machine. Small enough to fit into

4919 Omron Tens Long Life Pad 2

Omron Long life pads for the HVF - 125/126/127/128 models of TENS machine.
If the electrode pads of your TENS machine