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6250 Braun ThermoScan Disposable Lens Filters LF40

Braun ThermoScan® Lens Filters LF40: * 40 lens filters per box * Len filters can be used

5704 Chelsea Medical Drug Test Kit - 10 Drugs

Drugs of abuse test kit - 10 drug testing cup screening for the following substances

  1. Phencycllidine (PCP)
  2. Amphetamine
  3. Methamphetamine

5708 Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

Digital breath Alcohol tester is a portable device and an easy way to check the alcohol level in the body.

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1918 Omron Eletronic Nerve Stimulator Device HV-F128 For TENS Therapy

The HV-F128 has the ablilty to soothe, relieve and massage different areas of

1917 Omron TENS Device HV-F127

The Omron HV-F127 TENS machine is a small, powerful TENS machine. Small enough to fit into

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4919 Omron Tens Long Life Pad 2

Omron Long life pads for the HVF - 125/126/127/128 models of TENS machine.
If the electrode pads of your TENS machine

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