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Thompson's Digestion Manager 60 Capsules

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Helps maintain healthy digestive function Provides a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes Contains herbs used in traditional Western herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of indigestion such as flatulence, bloating and intestinal cramps Benefits: Provides a combination of scientifically developed enzymes to aid digestion Helps maintain healthy digestive function Relieves symptoms of indigestion Contains Peppermint which has traditionally been used in Western herbal medicine to help relieve flatulence and stomach cramps Contains Ginger which has traditionally been used in Western herbal medicine for bloating and digestive spasms
Catalogue Code 6362
Brand Thompson's

Adults- Take one capsule three times daily (with food), or as professionally prescribed.
Storage: To maintain maximum potency, keep refrigerated.

Each capsule contains:
Amylase 6,000DU
Protease 12,500HUT
Bromelains 300,000PU (10mg)
Lipase 200LipU
Tilactase 1,000ALU
Cellulase 225CU
Papain 100,000PU (2mg)
Ginger powder 340mg
Herbal extract equiv. to dry:
Peppermint leaf powder 1g (1000mg)

Contains sulphites
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional
Use only as directed and always read the label

General Information
Individuals who seek a supplement to aid digestion and help maintain healthy digestive function
Those suffering from or prone to indigestion
Individuals who suffer from or prone to flatulence or stomach cramps
Those who suffer from or prone to bloating and digestive spasms


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