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Zen Joint & Muscle Pain Relief An inside out approach to the relief of pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism and minor sports injuries. Zen Joint & Muscle Pain Relief has been formulated with herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help reduce inflammation and pain as well as help with improved healing.

ZEN is based on the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are not dietary supplements, but rather high potency herbal medicines specifically targeted for joint & muscle pain relief.

The nature of ZEN is anti inflammatory and pain relieving. Traditional Chinese Medicine addresses both important joint & muscle symptom relief combined with the principals of balancing energy, strengthening organs and building reserves within the body. Tonic herbs help to nourish and moisturize joints and the whole body, which helps to support healing and repair. This may result in both difficult symptoms being relieved as well as improvements in movement, circulation, energy and vitality.

Catalogue Code 6285
Brand ZEN
Manufacturer Martin&Pleasance

Adults & Children: Apply to affected area 1 to 4 times daily.

Each ml contains extracts equivalent to: Angelica polymorpha root (Dong quai) 15mg
Arnica montana flower 1mg
Boswellia carterri stem bark resin (Frankincense) 12mg
Panax pseudoginseng root 25mg
Commiphora molmol stem bark resin 13mg
Spatholobus suberectus stem 15mg
Dipsacus japonicus root 9mg
Drynaria fortunei rhizome 15mg
Mentha arvenis (japanese mint) essential oil 100mg
Cajuput oil 5mg
Contains ethanol


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