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John Plunkett's Pure Vitmin E Oil Enriched with Rosehip Oil 25ml

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Vitamin E helps skin retain natural moisturise and eases dryness while neutralising damaging free radicals generated by the environment.
Softens and smoothes skin by replenishing moisture.

Rosehip Oil is rich in Vitamin A and C and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), helping to improve skin elasticity and skin healing while stimulating collagen and softening skin.

Suitable for:
•  Minor Burns •  Anti-Ageing
•  Grazes •  Irritations
•  Scars •  Skin Rashes
•  Stretch Marks •  Problem Skin
•  Wounds •  Sensitive Skin
•  Blisters •  Damaged Skin
•  Chapped Skin •  Dehydration
•  Cracked Skin •  Dry Skin
•  Uneven Skintone •  Rough Skin

Catalogue Code 5979
Brand John Plunketts

•Tocopheryl Acetate 910 IU/gram (Vitamin E)
•Rosa Canina Fruit Oil (Rosehip Oil)
◦Rich in Vitamin A and C and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6)•Benzyl Alcohol


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