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John Plunkett's Natural Vitamin E Cream 100g

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Plunkett's Vita E contains a high potency vitamin E (100 IU per gram) plus rich rosehip oil. The non-greasy cream, based on natural vitamin E protects and nourishes skin against moisture loss, dehydration and the signs of ageing. Helps heal damaged skin.

Vitamin E helps skin retain natural moisturisers and eases dryness while neutralising damaging free radicals generated by the environment.

Rosehip Oil is rich in Vitamin A and C and essential fatty acids (Vitamin F – omega 3 and 6).
Rosehip Oil helps improve skin elasticity and skin healing while stimulating collagen and softening skin. Reduces scarring, diminishes photo-ageing and delays the effects of skin ageing.

Suitable for: Dry, problem and damaged skin including abrasions, rashes and stretch marks.  Use on face, hands and body

•High potency – 100 IU/gm
•Enriched with Rosehip oil
•No parabens or benzoates
•Fragrance free

Key Active Ingredients:

•Natural Vitamin E (100 IU/gram):
◦Anti-ageing antioxidant.
◦Reduces transdermal water loss and retain natural moisture.
◦May assist in healing.

•Rosehip Oil (rich in vitamin C):
◦Stimulates collagen production and softens skin.
◦Improves elasticity and healing.

◦Skin conditioner and protectant.
◦Moistutises dry skin

Catalogue Code 5978
Brand John Plunketts

Full list of ingredients:

Water, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate (Natural Vitamin E: d-alpha tocopheryl acetate 100 IU per gram), Emulsifying Wax, Cetyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Allantoin, Lanolin, panthenol, Retinyl Palmitate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol.


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