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Rock Tape 5cm x 5m Assorted Colour

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ROCKTAPE's Active-Recovery (AR) series of tapes are designed to enhance performance and recovery. Unlike regular compression garments and tapes, ROCKTAPE's AR series can be used both to apply compression to promote recovery, or decompression to relieve pain and swelling. Rocktape is engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, swimmers and cyclists.

The ROCKTAPE AR series features:

- Stickier, hypoallergenic adhesive that won't fall off during competition
- 180% stretch, the same elasticity as skin, to promote full range of motion

- 97% cotton, 3% Nylon 6/12, low moisture absorption

- Tighter weave, which enables muscle to more easily 'snap back' to neutral

- Water resistant

- Variety of designs and colours (all colours have the same properties)

- 5 meters in length by 5cm in width in each roll, about 1 month supply depending on usage

- Wearable for up to 5 days

Catalogue Code 5759
Brand RockTape


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