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Ethical Nutrients Re-Hidrate Sachets x 10

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Re-Hydrate has Lemon Lime Flavour. A Herbal and Nutritional Based Formula.
Therapeutic applications:
Re-Hydrate is an oral rehydration formula, for children and adults, which may:

•Relieve dehydration from diarrhoea and vomiting.
•Replace the fluid and electrolytes lost due to heavy sweating.
Electrolytes and glucose per litre of prepared solution:
•Sodium: 75 mmol
•Potassium: 20 mmol
•Chloride: 65 mmol
•Citrate: 10 mmol
•Glucose: 75 mmol
•Osmolarity: 236.16 mOsmol/L (hypo- osmolar)

Catalogue Code 5754
Brand Ethical Nutrients

Each sachet contains:
Glucose anhydrous 2.7 g
Sodium citrate 580 mg
Equivalent elemental sodium 155 mg
Sodium chloride 520 mg
Equiv. elemental sodium 205 mg
Equiv. elemental chloride 315 mg
Potassium chloride 300 mg
Equiv. elemental potassium 157 mg


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