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Coloxyl Oral Drops 30mL

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Coloxyl Oral Drops is a pleasant tasting, stool softener laxative formulated to treat constipation in infants and young children. It works by drawing water back into the colon and increasing the fluid content and bulk of the stools making it softer and easier for the child to pass.

Constipation in infants can occur after starting formula or with the introduction of solids into the diet. Before treating with a laxative it is recommended you see your family doctor or a baby health nurse.
Coloxyl Oral Drops are added to a feeding bottle or fruit juice. Softening a child's stools will also help eliminate the fear of a painful toileting experience.

Catalogue Code 5730
Brand Coloxyl

Coloxyl Oral Drops should be given in a feeding bottle or fruit juice as per the dose table below, 3 times daily.


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