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Hiruscar Gel 20g

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Hiruscar is a non-oily skincare gel that
reduces the appearance of scars.

Hiruscar is specially formulated with 5 cosmetic active ingredients that work to moisturise, smooth and soften the scar's appearance. Hiruscar leaves a silky smooth finish after it is applied.

Hiruscar is specially formulated with
5 cosmetic active ingredients

* Aloe Vera improves moisturisation to help scars appear and feel softer.
* Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.
* Allium Cepa reduces the overall size of the scar and helps the scar appear smoother.
* Allantoin hydrates scars for a softer appearance and texture.
* Vitamin B3 improves the elasticity of scar tissue and helps control oil production.

In a recent survey, everyone who had previously used a skincare oil for scars preferred Hiruscar because it was a non-oily, absorbable gel that delivered visible results.

* It is suitable for facial scars
* Absorbs within seconds
* Can be applied uner makeup
* Leaves no oily residue
* Does not stain clothes

Catalogue Code 5719
Brand Hiruscar


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