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Oral-B TriZone 3000 Electric Toothbrush

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The TriZone 3000 features triple action deep cleaning technology to remove up to 100% more plaque*, even between teeth. This powerful electric toothbrush is tough on plaque, yet gentle on teeth and gums. It provides improved gum health and a long lasting clean, fresh feeling.


Oral-B TriZone 3000 Electric Toothbrush Features:

Superior plaque removal: Triple action deep cleaning technology removes up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush, even between teeth
* Advanced Triple Zone cleaning technology: 1) Moving power tip for hard-to-reach back teeth; 2) Shorter, stationary bristles for thorough surface cleaning; 3) Longer, sweeping bristles for deep between teeth
* Multi-dimensional cleaning action: The Oral-B TriZone 3000 Electric Toothbrush provides 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 sweeps per minute.
* 3 customized brushing modes: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish

* Long-lasting battery: Battery lasts up to 7 days when brushing 2 minutes, twice a day
* Professional timer with quadrant prompt: A two-minute timer with 30-second intervals helps guide you through the four quadrants of the mouth, making it easy to track how long you've been brushing
* Visual pressure sensor: Stops pulsations and lights up to notify you that you're brushing too hard
* Premium charging stations: Includes storage with protective cover for your replacement brush heads

* User-friendly intuitive design: Superior cleaning results with no change in brushing technique vs. a regular manual brush. With wide sweeping bristles that reach significantly more tooth surface than a standard manual brush, you can enjoy a comprehensive cleaning.
* Charge-level display: Lets you gauge how full the battery charge is
* Indicator® Bristles: Indicator bristles signal time to change brush head.
* Ergonomic Waterproof Handle: Waterproof handle has a non-slip grip for complete control



The Oral-B TriZone 3000 Electric Toothbrush Includes:
1x rechargeable ergonomic handle
1x Oral-B TriZone brush head
1x portable SmartPlug charger
1x charging station with brush head storage

Electric source: Rechargeable battery
Battery life: Up to 7 days
2-Year Limited Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

Catalogue Code 5705
Brand Oral B

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