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Manicare 22053 GlamEyes Eyelash Diva Lashes

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diva lashes•Individual lashes - 3 sizes: short, medium & long length.
•Ready to wear with pre-applied adhesive.
•Synthetic hair.
•Includes eyelash adhesive.
Catalogue Code 5434
Brand Manicare
Manufacturer Manicare

To use:
* Step 1
Ensure your lashes and eyelids are clean and dry before application.
* Step 2
Determine the correct lash length by placing in front of eye and cut excess length from outside edge one at a time.
* Step 3
Apply small drops of glue along the inside of the eyelash and allow it to become tacky before applying.
* Step 4
Using glameyes tweezers place directly onto eyelid. Position lash slightly above natural lash line, beginning at the inside corner of eye. Do not place the lash too close to the corner of the eye. Press gently across entire lash.


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