Allergy : Aerius, Telfast , Zyrtec :

Claratyne Children's Chewable Tablets x 10

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Claratyne contains an antihistamine called loratadine, a type of medicine that blocks histamine (The natural substance released by your child's immune system during an allergic reaction).

Suitable for children aged 24 months and above.
► Once daily dosing
► Great tasting
► Rapid 24-hour relief
► Non-drowsy
► Suitable from 2 years

* Use only if you are sure your child can chew the tablet

Catalogue Code 5251
Brand Claratyne
Manufacturer Schering-Plough

Children 2-12 years up to 30kg 1 tablet daily
Children 2-12 years over 30kg 2 tablets daily
Adults & Children over 12 years 2 tablets daily when necessary

Loratadine 5mg
Contains aspartane as a sweetener

Not suitable for us in children under 2 years of age


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