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John Plunkett Essentials Anti-Ageing Proctective Day Moisturiser SPF15 50g

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Protective Day Moisturiser is designed to be the perfect day moisturiser. This fine textured cream contains potent moisturisers, antioxidant vitamins and broad spectrum sunscreens to provide a high level of protection against Australia's harsh climate. Moisturisers include hyaluramine, avocado and calendula oils to hydrate and repair, while antioxidant vitamins protect from ageing effect of free radical damage. Broad spectrum sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB, ideal for dry or mature skin. 
Catalogue Code 5039
Manufacturer john plunkett

General Information
•The perfect day moisturiser for dry and mature skin
•Fine textured cream – light and non-greasy
•Hyaluramine, avocado and calendula oils
•Contains potent moisturisers and antioxidant vitamins
•Broad spectrum sunscreens (SPF 15)
•Australian made for Australian skin
•Intensive anti-wrinkle day cream
•Potent blend of moisturisers hydrate and repair
•Reduces on-going damage from sun and dryness
•Antioxidants protect from ageing effect of free radical damage


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