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SM 33 Gel 10g

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SM-33 gel contains a combination of ingredients that help soothe the pain of teething.
They include:

  • A low dose anaesthetic to numb the gums
  • A pain killer to further relieve the teething pain
  • Antiseptic agents to help kill germs
  • Menhol and glycerol which cool, soothe and moisturise irritated gums

SM-33 gel also contains ingredients that cool, soothe and moisturise the gums, giving fast, effective relief

Catalogue Code 5028
Brand SM 33
Manufacturer bayer

Rub a small amount of gel into the sore areas every three hours. Make sure you replace the cap after use and seal tightly.
If symptoms persist, seek medical advice

Lignocaine 0.5%; Salicylic Acid 2.0%; Tannic Acid 0.5%; Menthol 0.05%; Thymol 0.05%; Glycerol 20.0%; Ethanol (95%) 40.0%


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