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Omron Tens Long Life Pad 2

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Omron Long life pads for the HVF - 125/126/127/128 models of TENS machine.
If the electrode pads of your TENS machine are soiled, the adhesive power may decrease and the skin might become irritated. If this should happen, moisten the surface of the pads with 1-2 drops of water and wipe away the soiled portion. Then, lightly attach the pad to the electrode holder for storage.
This will allow a temporary restoration of the adhesive power of the pad. However, too much water will have an opposite effect, causing the adhesive power to decrease further.

The development of Omron's long life pads means that no messy gels are required to attach the pads to the skin.

Directions for use:
* Connect the electrode cord to the electrode pad.
* Remove the film from the electrode pads

Catalogue Code 4919
Brand Omron


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