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Blackmores Cholesterol Health Capsules x 60

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Blackmores Cholesterol Health™provides a relevant daily dose of 2 grams of plant sterols which can help reduce cholesterol absorption.
Features and Benefits:
* Provides a relevant dose of plant sterols
* Complements existing cholesterol management regimes
* Convenient dosage

How It Works:
Blackmores Cholesterol HealthTM contains plant sterols which may help to reduce cholesterol absorption. It also contains betacarotene, as betacarotene absorption may be reduced when taking plant sterols.
Plant sterols are fat-like compounds with a chemical structure that is very similar to cholesterol. However compared to cholesterol, plant sterols are only minimally absorbed. They are naturally present in everyday foods especially in vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains and cooking oils.

During digestion, the plant sterols compete with cholesterol for absorption. What this means is that less cholesterol is absorbed and more cholesterol is excreted.


Catalogue Code 4865
Brand Blackmores

Adults – Take 1 capsule twice daily with main meal, or as professionally prescribed.

Active ingredients per capsule:
Vegetable oil phytosterol esters(plant sterols)1g(1000mg)
Natural betacarotene 1.5 mg

General Information
There is no benefit from taking more than 3 g/day of phytosterols (plant sterols) from all sources
* Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women
* Not for the treatment of high cholesterol
* Blood cholesterol levels should be regularly checked
* If already taking cholesterol medication see a healthcare professional before making any changes


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