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Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Test ( Includes Free freight )

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Genuine Maybe-Baby microscope.

Maybe Baby is a mini microscope for determining a woman's fertile and infertile period.
Maybe Baby allows an exact determination of the fertile period for predicting conception easily and quickly by detection of the estrogen level in saliva.

The so-called "fern-phenomenon" was discovered in 1957 by doctors in Italy. These physicians discovered that the level of the sex hormone estrogen could be detected through visual observation of the dried saliva sample on a microscope slide. At high levels such as those present during ovulation, the crystallized estrogen exhibits a pattern resembling fern leaves in the Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby is a precision instrument that contains a microscope lens to examine a saliva sample under illumination from an LED light source. When estrogen is present, a fern leaf pattern is observed through the viewfinder of the Maybe Baby


Catalogue Code 4392
Brand Maybe Baby

For best results Maybe Baby should be used immediately after waking and before eating, drinking, smoking or brushing of the teeth. Before use, clean the internal glass surface of the viewfinder (2.2) with the Maybe Baby lint free cloth. Apply saliva on the carefully cleaned internal glass surface. Make sure there are no bubbles. After the saliva has dried (allow 5 to 10 minutes) observe the sample through the mini-microscope viewfinder (2). A pattern will appear to determine the fertile or infertile period of the menstrual cycle.


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