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Laxettes Chocolates Squares 24

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Senna is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the fruit of the Cassia Senna plant. Senna leaves are recognised as one of the most popular and reliable natural laxatives. They act on the large intestine to stimulate peristalsis (the muscular activity of the colon leading to elimination).
Laxettes tablets are formulated with the laxative properties of Senna. Laxettes Tablets with Senna are available in packs of 50 and are ideal for those who prefer to take tablets rather than liquid or chocolate-based laxatives. 
Include more fibre in your diet (fruit, vegetables and grain products)
Drink at least 6-8 glasses of fluid each day
Exercise regularly
Laxatives should not be needed long term under normal circumstances.
A daily bowel motion is not necessary for all people
Don't ignore the urge to pass a bowel motion
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