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Megaburn Hi Protein Breva Very Berry Bar 65g

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Live natural nutrition for all athletes and individuals seeking the long term benefits of soy, plus a range of powerhouse raw ingredients to help build strength, increase endurance and speed recovery after exercise.

Catalogue Code 2556
Brand Breva
Manufacturer Megaburn

Ricemalt, Whey Protein*, Non GMO Soy Protein Isolate, Tahini (Sesame Seeds), Honey, Coconut, Pumpkin seeds, Multistrain Lactobacillus with Fructo-oligosacchrides (F.O.S), L-Glutamine (1000mg), Ricebran, Flaxmeal, Flavor (natural & nature identical), Powdered Beetroot, Papaya, Canola oil, Ginger root, Gingko Biloba extract (eqv 1000mg gingko).


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