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Azep Hayfever Relief Nasal Spray 5mL Expire Date 01-2017

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AZEP® is a nasal spray that contains the antihistamine called Azelastine Hydrochloride and can be used for the symptomatic relief of both seasonal and non-seasonal (perennial) allergic rhinitis.
AZEP® can go directly to the site of your reaction and starts acting immediately to lessen the effects of your symptoms. AZEP is a gentle nasal spray and will start working effectively within 15 minutes.
The active ingredient in AZEP® allows it to be used continuously for up to six months without rebound congestion (nasal congestion which can be caused by the overuse of a decongestant spray).
Catalogue Code 2361
Brand Azep

1. Blow nose gently
2. Remove protective cap
3. Before first use, prime the pump 2 - 3 times until an even spray emerges
4. Tilt your head slightly forward (looking at your toes) and spray up each nostril. Do not tilt your head backwards
5. Inhale slowly and gently
6. Wipe nozzle and replace the protective cap

The pump should be primed again after a storage period of three or more days. Discard the solution appropriately after 6 months from opening.

Approved dosage: 1 spray into each nostril, twice daily.


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