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Omron Eletronic Nerve Stimulator Device HV-F128 For TENS Therapy

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The HV-F128 has the ablilty to soothe, relieve and massage different areas of your body. With an LCD screen, you can select different 15 minute programs to suit the desired effects.

High Frequency TENS Therapy.
* LCD Screen
* 12 Auto Therapy Modes - Selectable modes to soothe and relieve, for specific body regions and massage types
* Soothe: therapy for muscular ache.
* Relieve: therapy for muscular pain.
* Region Mode: for shoulder, joint, arm, sole, leg and waist.
* Massage Mode: tap, kneed, push, rub.

5 Special Modes
Hyper Mode: Increase the stimulation gradually.
* Soft Mode: Gentle Stimulation.
* Repeat Mode: Repeat your favourite stimulation and massage modes.

Point and Wide:
* For shoulder or small area select point.-For lower back or larger area select hide.

Red & White:
* Adjust stimulation effect of the left and right pad for optimum therapy.

The Omron HV-F128 comes complete with long life pads which are durable and machine washable

Accessories include:
1 x Electrode cord, type K
2 x Electrode Pad
2 x AAA batteries
1 x Pad holder
1 x Soft carry-case
Instruction manual

Do not use this device in combination with electronic implants such as pacemakers. May cause malfunctioning of these devices.

Catalogue Code 1918
Brand Omron
Manufacturer Omron


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